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Lisa Smedman is the author of 23 books, an ecclectic collection of alternate history, science fiction, fantasy, gaming tie-in novels, local history books, and children's books. One of her Forgotten Realms novels became a New York Times bestseller.


She has also written three one-act plays that were produced by a local theatre company, and has dabbled in writing screenplays and comic books.

She is also a game designer, with dozens of published RPG products, including a host of adventures and soucebooks for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Ravenloft and Dark Sun worlds. She's also done game design work for the RPGs Cyberpunk, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Deadlands, and Millennium's End.


She also designs tabletop miniatures games and board games.


She's been a journalist since 1984. This was her "day job" until 2008, when she began teaching game design at the LaSalle College Vancouver (formerly the Art Institute). 

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